How We Met
We met through my maid of honor...she is
both mine and John's best friend! She
thought we would be a perfect match and
boy was she right!
Getting to Know Each Other
email's, phone calls for hours (of course
after 7pm when its free) was the best way to
get to know each other...all we had was to
talk to one another...when he came home in
May...all the pieces fell together! Match
made in heaven! There is no way to
describe to anyone the way we feel about
each other! We complete the part of each
others heart that was missing for so long!
When we got engaged
Funny story!! John told me to go pick out a ring and  did...after that he sent his
mom to put a down payment on the ring but, didn’t want me to know about it so
she called the Gordon’s before we met up and had him tell me that he sold my
ring. I was OK with that but really wanted the ring I picked out... (It was the 1st
one out of 10) Jeff at Gordon’s told me he would do everything he could to find
me the exact ring. When john came home...we went to the mall...and Jeff told
me he couldn't’t find me another ring!! DEVASTATED I WAS! The true story is..
John walked out that day with the ring in his pocket---sneaky Lil' devil!
How it Happened
So that night...we were outside just the two of us in his parents backyard with the
waterfall and the lights...he gets down on one knee and said "Amanda Nicole I love
you with all my heart and I cant imagine another day without you! You are the one I
want to spend the rest of my life with, will you marry me?" NOW ALL THIS TIME I'M
THAT PRETTY RING WAS IN THE I cried. Hit john for doing that to me....and
I said YES!
Our Story
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